The Perfect At Home Pedi

There is something so satisfying about having a fresh pedicure. Looking down at brightly painted toes makes me feel a little more put together. For all of you heading into Spring/Summer it's time to start treating your feet to an at home pedicure to get them ready for sandal weather. Here's my five steps to the perfect at home pedi!


First things first, lets get those tootsies back in top condition. If you want super soft feet you'll want to use some sort of exfoliator. I recently started using the Scholl  Velvet Smooth Express Pedi*, which gently exfoliates your feet, removes dry skin and leaves them feeling so smooth. You can also try soaking your feet in some warm water and using a foot scrub. If you have a fancy foot spa this is the perfect time to get it out!


Now your feet are looking lovely, it's time to freshen up our toes.  First, use some nail polish remover to take off any old polish and create a fresh base for your new colour.


Trim your nails with clippers straight across to avoid them becoming ingrown and then use a nail file to smooth down the edges. You can also use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles (obviously!) and carefully trim any excess away with your clippers or a cuticle remover. Buff your nails to create a nice smooth surface, ensuring that you wipe away any dust from the nail before applying your polish.


Now it's time to choose your polish. I love using bright colours on my toes as I find they are the most flattering - the colour I'm using is 'That's Berry Daring' by OPI. You can also apply a topcoat to keep your new paint job looking fresh and shiny.


To finish off apply some moisturiser all over your feet to keep them feeling smooth. The Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm Gold* is super rich and amazing at treating dry or cracked heels. I love generously applying moisturiser before bed and popping some socks on over the top - in the morning you'll wake up with baby soft feet!

Let me know what your favourite summer polish colour is in the comments!
*These products were sent to me for review.

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