Top Tips for a Cosy Night In

I'm a member of the Stay Home Club. Most Friday and Saturday nights you'll find me snuggled up on the couch, with a cup of hot tea in one hand and a good book in the other. In Winter I especially love staying in and keeping warm, relaxing at home instead of going out in the city. Today I though I would share how I like to relax and my tips for spending a cosy night at home!

The Outfit

This is a crucial first step. As soon as I get home I like to get changed into my comfiest clothes. Bra off and into my pyjamas or trackies! Fluffy socks and Uggs are also perfect for keeping your toes warm.

The Atmosphere

Taking a bit of time to get your environment feeling a bit more relaxing makes a huge difference. Get a candle burning (vanilla and lavender are both relaxing scents), pile up lots of pillows and get cosy under a blanket or two.

The Food

Good food is one of my favourite indulgences. If you love to cook, take some time to make yourself your favourite meal or, if your lazy like me, order your favourite takeaway. Snacks are also essential,especially if your watching a film, so I like to have popcorn, crackers and dip at the ready!

The Drinks

I love drinking herbal tea especially before bed, it gets me feeling nice and sleepy. My favourites are Twining's Spiced Apple and Camomile, T2 Sencha Vanilla and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. Other amazing drink options are hot chocolate, or a nice glass of wine.

The Activities

You can really spend your evening doing whatever you enjoy and whatever helps you relax. For me thats reading a book, watching my favourite film, listening to a chilled out album or taking relaxing bath. Bonus points if you can do your activity while in the bath!

Do you prefer spending relaxing nights at home? Let me know what your top tips are for a cosy night in!
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