Winter Skincare by Glamourflage

Glamourflage may not be a brand that you've heard much about before, but it's definitely one you should be looking out for next time you're browsing the skin care isles. With each product sharing the story of a different 1940s/1950s pin up girl, Glamourflage takes a unique and fun approach to skin care. But it's not all about the packaging - the products themselves are just as great!

The Mia Sublime Face Mask* is a super thick, creamy mask that does an amazing job of purifying pores and improving skin texture. After thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating my skin I apply this mask and leave it to do its thing. After about 15 minutes and when the mask has completely dried I rinse it off with some warm water and apply a moisturiser. I love how fresh and smooth my skin feels after using this mask! The only downside to this product is that it has quite a strong fragrance, so if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin that is something to consider.

The other mask I've been using is the Satin Sally Sleep Mask*, which is perfect if you have dry or dehydrated skin. I have been loving this mask as the cold weather has left my skin feeling drier than usual. I apply this mask at night after my usual cleansing routine and leave it to sink in over night. This mask has a thick gel-like texture, which feels really silky and hydrating on the skin. Once it is applied this mask 'sets', leaving a thin layer of product over the skin which really locks in the moisture. Once I rinse off the mask in the morning my skin is so soft! It also feels plump and deeply nourished. If there is one product from the Glamourflage line that you have to try, this is it!

The last two little products are small but pack a punch. The Zany Zoe Eye Gel* has been working wonders for my under-eye bags, I use it in the morning when my eyes are looking particularly swollen and tired. The applicator is metal rollerball which feels super soothing and really helps to reduce that puffiness! The gel itself is also really hydrating but sinks in quickly so you can get on with your make up routine. The Daisy Delight Lip Balm* contains Vitamin E and is moisturising without feeling too greasy or sticky on the lips - I am in love with the scent of this lip balm, it really reminds me of red frog lollies!

You can buy these Glamourflage products online or you can find your closest stockist here. Let me know if you've tried any Glamourflage products and your thoughts!
*These products were sent to me for review.

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